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Finding Your Real Estate Niche

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // November 27, 2018 // Blog

There are so many real estate agents working in the market around the world. However, some of them are so much success just because they know, where they have to invest and from which investment they can get more profit. While working in any sort of business you have to find a niche in which […]

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Estimating After Repair Value (ARV)

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // November 20, 2018 // Blog

When you are working in the business of selling houses, you need to know what After Repair Value is. This is the value, which your property costs after the renovation as it contains the purchase and renovation price as well. Making changes and improving the conditions of your property can lead to the change in […]

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Doing Dutiful Due Diligence

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // November 13, 2018 // Blog

In real estate business, you have to go through so many different issues as this is the game of risk taking and luck. You just need to properly investigate the property before you purchase it so that you can increase the chances of profit in the specific deal. When you are working in the market, […]

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Buying Vacation Rentals

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // November 6, 2018 // Blog

Summers are the best season for having fun and entertainment in vacations. You might be going to the same place for spending your vacations happily and want an entirely safe and sound environment. So you also sometimes think about buying a property at that place which you can say as yours and can stay here […]

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Jose and Adinah invite you to the DREI Anniversary

Posted by Jose Arechiga // November 5, 2018 // Featured