Monthly Archives: January 2019

My Property Isn’t Selling…What Now?

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // January 29, 2019 // Blog

There are so many interesting and outclass places which are sold more in the market and the selling is done easily. But sometimes it gets difficult to sell your property and this is because of so many reasons. For selling your property in excellent cost is your responsibility as you have to make your business […]

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Maximizing Your Rentals Property Management

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // January 15, 2019 // Blog

When you are working in the field of real estate, you have to take care of so many things. The property which you are buying and the tenants to whom you are giving your property on rent must be chosen with care. The location and demographics of property matters to bring your business at a […]

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How To Work With A Contractor

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // January 8, 2019 // Blog

In real estate business, the contractor is the one who can make your business grow better or make it go in loss. The contractor has to deal with all the stuff like looking for the budget that how much it costs to get all the work done. The contractor has to take care of it […]

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How To Protect Your Real Estate Business

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // January 1, 2019 // Blog

There are so many problems, which come across while dealing with property in real estate business. You need to focus on protecting your real estate business for which you have to work with great care and efforts. Different investors have to face difficult situations of making a right decision about investing. If you invest in […]

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