How To Find The Market Value Of Vacant Land

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // June 19, 2018 // Blog

Determining how worthy your land comes with a lot of benefits, but it is also a tricky world. Fact is, not knowing how much your land costs can cause consequences when you’re selling, which could lead to a pile of regret later on when you find out how worthy your land is. One thing that […]

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Simple Steps To Take To Secure A Better Financial Future

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // June 12, 2018 // Blog

Money – the most crucial yet devastating part of the human life in recent times. Everyone wants this. Everyone wants that. All for what? People want this little piece of paper so that they can buy stuff. Note, some of the stuff they buy with it is reasonable. But other times, people spend so extravagantly […]

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An Important Guide To The Home Building Process

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // June 5, 2018 // Blog

The first rule of undertaken any project both big and small is to first split or break them down into their simplest forms. And building or remodeling a home is one example that works well with this. In this article, we will be discussing some of the ways to break down the process of your […]

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Can I Sell My House Without A Realtor?

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // May 29, 2018 // Blog

Not many retail homeowners are aware they can sell their property on their own without enlisting the services of a real estate agents. And what’s more, for a lot of reasons, it is only logical to sell the property on your own. For example, when the property is small, it might just be better to sell […]

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Real Estate For Beginners

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // May 22, 2018 // Blog

Real estate is simple to understand yet comprehensive in terms of practicality and making an investment that could eventually churn out the returns you have envisioned. In simple terminology, real estate can be defined as a piece of property that can include land or buildings. However, in the context of investments which is the reason […]

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Pros And Cons To Real Estate Investing

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // May 15, 2018 // Blog

Are you looking for things to invest in? Then we’re sure you have done the research and have found that Real Estate is one of such avenues. But the question arises, is it worth it? Or is it something that looks good but isn’t? These are the questions we’re going to answer today. Indeed many […]

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How To Quickly Find A Buyer For Your Property

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // May 8, 2018 // Blog

As a real estate investor or homeowner in today’s economy, one of the things that will probably be in your thought every time is how you can find buyers for your homes or properties. One thing every buyer doesn’t want is to have a property that does not sell for months or even worst years. […]

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Five Ways To Run A Better Business

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // May 1, 2018 // Blog

Is realizing the goals set by a business venture down to just luck and nothing else? Heck no! Experienced businessmen and women would argue that no accomplishment in business is a fluke or a product of windfall. The application of different tools and qualities ultimately contribute to attaining a level of influence over the possible […]

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5 Questions To Ask Before Starting In Real Estate

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // April 24, 2018 // Blog

Many things can be gained from real estate, in many different ways. If you plan to start a career in real estate, it is important that you consider “why” you’re getting started. Thinking about this will allow you understand more about the business and the best way to execute your deals. For beginner investors, this […]

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Opportunity Cost and Renting

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // March 13, 2018 // Blog

This is a real estate blog, and for the most part, real estate decisions are about buying, but there are situations in which I’d much rather be a renter than a buyer because the renter is treated better. Chances are, it happens more often than you think. Knowing when, why, and how that happens will […]

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