Hiring A Virtual Assistant? Read This First

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // December 11, 2018 // Blog

As a business owner, you have so many responsibilities which need to be tackled with great care. So it is not possible for a single person to handle all of the tasks, here comes the requirement of hiring a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can keep a strong eye on lower employees and can help […]

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Flip Or Flop…Is House Flipping For You?

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // December 4, 2018 // Blog

Buying a house and flipping for generating more revenue is the excellent and important part of the real estate business. In this business usually, individuals flip their properties according to the market rates and trends. Flipping is important and plays a vital role in increasing your business but make sure that it will suit and […]

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Finding Your Real Estate Niche

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // November 27, 2018 // Blog

There are so many real estate agents working in the market around the world. However, some of them are so much success just because they know, where they have to invest and from which investment they can get more profit. While working in any sort of business you have to find a niche in which […]

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Estimating After Repair Value (ARV)

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // November 20, 2018 // Blog

When you are working in the business of selling houses, you need to know what After Repair Value is. This is the value, which your property costs after the renovation as it contains the purchase and renovation price as well. Making changes and improving the conditions of your property can lead to the change in […]

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Doing Dutiful Due Diligence

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // November 13, 2018 // Blog

In real estate business, you have to go through so many different issues as this is the game of risk taking and luck. You just need to properly investigate the property before you purchase it so that you can increase the chances of profit in the specific deal. When you are working in the market, […]

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Buying Vacation Rentals

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // November 6, 2018 // Blog

Summers are the best season for having fun and entertainment in vacations. You might be going to the same place for spending your vacations happily and want an entirely safe and sound environment. So you also sometimes think about buying a property at that place which you can say as yours and can stay here […]

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5 Lessons We Learned The Hard Way

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // October 30, 2018 // Blog

In real estate business, there are so many lessons that need to be learned for effective business. Some of the things can be easily learned but few of the lessons get so much tricky and difficult to learn. Everyone makes mistakes but the mistake done the first time is only considered a mistake. The intelligent […]

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5 Essentials To A Great Email Campaign

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // October 23, 2018 // Blog

Having your business flourish faster and getting popular among consumers advertisement and promotion is essential. There are so many different ways of doing so among which email campaign is the one. Through email campaign, you can reach so many audiences easily and also in less period of time. Email campaigning is a cost-effective procedure to […]

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Posted by Ben Kilfoil // October 16, 2018 // Blog

In divorce, the person to own and occupy the family home is always one of the greatest issues to deal with between divorcing couples. This is because the family home is viewed as the most valuable asset in marriage in which a share or the entire acquisition of the house can give a solid and […]

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Posted by Ben Kilfoil // October 9, 2018 // Blog

We all have heard and learned about realtors in the Portland OR area. The area is known as a place of great realtors with high professionalism. If you are planning to get involved in real estate investment, whether buying or selling in Portland OR, it’s obvious you will need the service of a professional realtor. […]

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