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Asset Protection In Real Estate

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // June 27, 2017

Real estate is considered a profitable moneymaker but does carry with it a fair amount of risk. It is always advisable for property owners to arrange for asset protection in real estate through legal and other means that fall within the laws of the state and country where the property has been acquired. Action of […]

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How To Get Your Offers Accepted

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // June 20, 2017

You have finally made up your minds that you need to buy a dream home for your family. You have found houses that fit perfectly into your desire and that of your family, and you are prepared to pay the asking price. The real estate market is such that there are fewer homes than the […]

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Rent Control

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // June 13, 2017

The lack of affordable housing has long been a problem throughout the state of Oregon, but there has never been a consensus on how to fix it. Some argue that the best way to keep costs down is to allow new housing to be built, while others favor government-mandated Rent Control and limiting evictions to […]

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Homes For Sale-Market Strategies

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // June 6, 2017

The number of homes for sale in Portland, Oregon continues to dwindle at an alarming rate, prompting the local renters’ rights group to declare a state of emergency in 2015. To-date, real estate analysts are predicting that the shortage of homes for sale will continue for the next few years. The reasoning behind this conclusion […]

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Benefits Of Working With A Property Manager

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // May 30, 2017

If you are a real estate investor or income property owner, there are a number of excellent benefits of working with a property manager. For example, an experienced property manager will be able to determine competitive rental rates for your area so that you will be able to get the most out of your real […]

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5 Habits Successful People Have That You Don’t

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // May 23, 2017

From Warren Buffet to George Soros, our world is full of bright investing minds that we wish we could be more like… and whose successful investing portfolio that we wish we could own! Whether you are new to investing or are a seasoned vet who needs a refresher course in rising to the top, here […]

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5 Financial Practices Everyone Should Practice

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // May 16, 2017

It’s far too easy to allow finances to get out of control, especially today, with the use of “free money” in the form of credit and debit cards. It’s hard for people to control their spending habits when actual money doesn’t pass through their hands! To achieve peace of mind or even financial freedom follow […]

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First Time Home Buyers Rejoice! Oregon Might Give You A Tax Break

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // May 9, 2017

It is an open secret that Portland, OR and the surrounding suburbs are facing an affordable housing crisis. Homes have become so expensive that first time homebuyers, especially young people and renters, take so long to save enough money for a down payment on a home. According to the recent city’s annual State of Housing […]

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2017 Portland Real Estate Market Report – More Bullish than Bearish

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // May 2, 2017

The 2017 Portland Real Estate Market Report is a treasure-trove of insights concerning what’s happening in terms of home sales in the city. The report belies the claims of news stories early in the year that buyers were scrambling to buy new homes and were willing to accept a price of as much as 75 […]

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5 Things You Need to Know About Realtors

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // April 18, 2017

Most of the buyers and sellers remain unsure about hiring the services of a realtor. As a matter of fact, a realtor knows more than you do about technical and legal matters, he has a bigger network of buyers and sellers and he certainly has the experience and expertise needed to escape the pitfalls of […]

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