5 Questions To Ask Before Starting In Real Estate

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // April 24, 2018 // Blog

Many things can be gained from real estate, in many different ways. If you plan to start a career in real estate, it is important that you consider “why” you’re getting started. Thinking about this will allow you understand more about the business and the best way to execute your deals. For beginner investors, this […]

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Opportunity Cost and Renting

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // March 13, 2018 // Blog

This is a real estate blog, and for the most part, real estate decisions are about buying, but there are situations in which I’d much rather be a renter than a buyer because the renter is treated better. Chances are, it happens more often than you think. Knowing when, why, and how that happens will […]

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It’s A Team Sport

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // March 6, 2018 // Blog

What do baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse, water polo, rugby, and real estate all have in common? That’s right, they’re all team sports. In team sports, there are two elements that need to be addressed for quality play: individual skill, and communication. Each person on the team needs to know what they’re supposed to be doing […]

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Why Real Estate? Bigger Is Better

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // February 27, 2018 // Blog

The biggest advantage to investing in real estate is definitely the leverage. There are few other asset types where it is so common, easy, and acceptable to borrow so much (or all!) of the money to purchase the asset. What’s the second, you may ask? It is absolutely the size. Just to buy a lot […]

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The Wind At Our Backs

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // February 20, 2018 // Blog

Over a couple posts now I’ve talked about the concept of inflation and fixed price debt and how it helps real estate investors, first of all, and second how it’s more a function of societal intent than it is luck, hard work, or sometimes even the beneficiary’s own desire. If you haven’t figured it out […]

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The Owner Occupied Advantage

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // February 13, 2018 // Blog

In case you haven’t gotten the drift of this blog yet, let me spell it out: real estate has a lot of ways to make good money. Real estate is the beating heart of capitalism, and is one of the most (possibly THE most!) powerful way to generate wealth in a capitalist society… and the […]

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Borrowing From Friends And Family

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // February 6, 2018 // Blog

My primary role in Dynamic Real Estate Innovations is to borrow money. I borrow from a vast range of different types of entities including banks, hard money lenders, private money lenders, suppliers, credit card companies, and so on, but my most profitable transactions take place with my own friends and family. Real people, with faces, […]

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Why Real Estate? Inflation

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // January 30, 2018 // Blog

What is inflation? In economics, the topic we’re interested in today, inflation is a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money (thank you, Google). Now, there are all sorts of reasons that things change prices. A corn fungus could drive up the price of good edible corn, a beanie baby […]

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Why Real Estate? The Taxes

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // January 23, 2018 // Blog

If you’re part of the hard-working populace of the good ole’ United States of America and over the age of 18, chances are you’ve had the pleasure of recounting your earnings and expenditures of the year to report to Uncle Sam so that he knows how much he wants to charge you for maintaining the […]

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Why Real Estate? The Leverage

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // January 16, 2018 // Blog

Do you like to buy things? Even if you don’t, imagine for a moment, that you do, or at least for the moment that you’ve found something that would be very valuable to you that is for sale at an unbelievable bargain. Maybe it’s a more fuel efficient car, or that coin that’s missing from […]

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