What’s A Happy Home?

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // December 5, 2017 // Blog

Often, I tell people about our most exciting projects and the direction DREI is going in the future and I run into this sticking point: What’s a happy home? Aren’t you a real estate company? How can you “build” a happy home? Well, the short answer is that we can’t. Not directly. So I can […]

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Foreclosed Homes In Salem, OR

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // November 28, 2017 // Blog

So you’re looking for a house in Salem. You’ve probably heard that there are much cheaper ways to buy a home than having your realtor show you all the homes on the MLS that have been polished to a mirror shine. You’re right, obviously, and now you’re looking at foreclosed homes in Salem, OR. Great, […]

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What’s So Great About Real Estate?

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // November 21, 2017 // Blog

Jeffrey again! Thanks, Ben, for taking over last week’s post for me. Today I’m going to answer the question that I most often get after telling people what I do: “So what?” Most people are surrounded by real estate all the time and it seems as normal to them as the alarm clock ringing, the […]

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Realtor Portland, OR

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // November 14, 2017 // Blog

If you own a home, rent or have been around our housing market you know just how fast it is moving. Houses are on and off the market at the drop of a hat! This may lead you to look for a great Realtor Portland, OR. There are a few things to know when choosing […]

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Foreclosed Homes Oregon

Posted by Ben Kilfoil // November 7, 2017 // Blog

Two weeks ago I wrote an article about Foreclosed Homes in Oregon, but I left out some very important opportunities for the enterprising investor that were beyond the scope of a single article. How many of you are interested in finding a way to make a good deal even better? If so, we can talk […]

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The First Killer Investment

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // October 31, 2017 // Blog

                        I have great news! Most of us have immediate access to the highest return investment in the world. The initial capital required is usually nothing, the return is sky high, and all the education you need you either already have, or will have […]

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Foreclosed Homes In Oregon

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // October 24, 2017 // Blog

Looking for a home for a great price? One way to find them is to look for foreclosed homes. Foreclosed homes in Oregon go to an auction after they go through the foreclosure process and can sell for steep discounts to full market value. Know your laws though! It’s not as simple as just a […]

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Getting Rich With Accessory Dwelling Units

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // October 17, 2017 // Blog

Surprise topic! I just back from a tour of accessory dwelling units (ADUs from here on) in Portland and WOW, some of them are stunning! I was ready to move into some of them myself. Here’s a picture of the Jose contemplating the cutest dining table I’ve ever seen inside the first one we visited. […]

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Sell A House Fast In Portland

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // October 10, 2017 // Blog

A typical house sale takes  7 or 8 weeks, and that doesn’t even consider the time spent preparing the house to look its best. If an issue is discovered with the property, the title, or the financing, the sale will take even longer. So if you need to sell a house fast in Portland, or […]

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How to Earn 10% the Easy Way

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // October 3, 2017 // Blog / Jeffrey Stump

Are you a great saver? If you’ve built yourself a cash stockpile in excess of six months of your expenses, this post is for you. First of all, congratulations! Do something to celebrate, you’ve earned it! Second, it’s time to use some of that excess to make some PASSIVE INCOME. I put it in bold […]

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