2017 Portland Real Estate Market Report – More Bullish than Bearish

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // May 2, 2017 // Blog

The 2017 Portland Real Estate Market Report is a treasure-trove of insights concerning what’s happening in terms of home sales in the city. The report belies the claims of news stories early in the year that buyers were scrambling to buy new homes and were willing to accept a price of as much as 75 […]

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5 Things You Need to Know About Realtors

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // April 18, 2017 // Blog

Most of the buyers and sellers remain unsure about hiring the services of a realtor. As a matter of fact, a realtor knows more than you do about technical and legal matters, he has a bigger network of buyers and sellers and he certainly has the experience and expertise needed to escape the pitfalls of […]

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Nike’s Growth Impacting Beaverton’s Real Estate Market

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // April 11, 2017 // Blog

It’s no secret. Nike is the largest manufacturer of footwear and sportswear in the WORLD! I’m talking about the industry giant that literally has a footprint on every corner of the planet. So having such a popular brand in your very backyard must translate to something, right. In business, the best measure of a company’s […]

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Portland Art Museum’s $75 Million Renovation

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // April 4, 2017 // Blog

Portland Art Museum To Receive 75 Million In Renovations In Portland, Oregon, there is a museum that has been there for a number of years. It is composed of a number of buildings indeed, it is a large museum. It is a real showplace for the people of Portland. But there is something happening in […]

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Air B And B

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // March 21, 2017 // Blog

Air B And B is one of the leading platforms in the world that capitalizes on short-term rentals. The company connects travellers to hosts and facilitates searches and rentals without owning any piece of real property by itself. This has shown to be a pretty effective way to earn revenue while providing hosts a way […]

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Posted by Jeffrey Stump // March 15, 2017 // Blog

Types of Mortgages Mortgages are a contractual agreement between a money lender (usually banks) and an individual purchasing a property. The money lender then holds the title until the debtor pays back the amount of the loan. In most traditional mortgages the debtor is gaining equity in the property as they pay off the mortgage. […]

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The Probate Process

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // March 1, 2017 // Blog

What is probate? How are assets liquidated and distributed? Who is the executor? What are the legal ramifications? In this article we will answer these questions about the probate process with a focus on how to deal with the inherited property. Probate is the official action taken to fulfill a will. The executor is the […]

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How do I stop foreclosure on my home?

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // February 14, 2017 // Blog // Foreclosure / Preforclosure

Foreclosure: What it is and how to stop it! If you have received notice that your home is being foreclosed upon it can be a frightening and nerve-racking time. I wanted to write this short article to help someone going through foreclosure understand their options, possible outcomes and to reassure those undergoing this process that […]

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How to Guide: Buying Your First House!

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // February 8, 2017 // Blog / Featured

What you need to ask to buy your first house Being a first-time home buyer can be daunting, heck even scary. It may be the largest purchase most people make in their life. In this guide, I will help you get the lay of the land for a first time buyer so you know what to […]

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Portland Real Estate Appreciation

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // February 1, 2017 // Blog / Featured

Portland Home Appreciation in 2017 If you are a home owner in Portland or looking to become one, now is a great time! Portland real estate appreciation has been on the up and up, and they look to continue to rise into 2017. Last year Portland had the highest of any metro area appreciation at 11.7%. […]

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