5 Things A Rental Property Needs Before You Buy

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // September 19, 2017 // Blog

Investing in the purchase of rental properties can guarantee long-term wealth. However, to become successful in such a venture, you have to be aware of the risks involved. You should know beforehand all the details regarding the property as well as the investment prospective that it holds. There are some very important things that a […]

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4 Real Estate Investing Principals To Live By

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // September 12, 2017 // Blog

The real estate industry is a gold mine but you cannot get the most out of this lucrative industry if you do not master and use the right principles. Below are 4 real estate investing principals to live by if you want to succeed in the property market. 1. Have the Right Team You cannot […]

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The Pros And Cons Of Investing Out Of State

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // September 1, 2017 // Blog

Investing out of state is great for some people, but not so great for others. Before you jump in and invest out of state, you should know about the bad and the good of doing it. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of investing out of state. The Pros Investing out of state can result […]

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Buy House Portland

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // August 29, 2017 // Blog

The market in Portland is very competitive and I have seen a few signs saying Buy House Portland who are supposedly cash buyers. I wanted to look into what these businesses are and who they are helping and why they can help with a healthy real estate market. The first thing I found is that they […]

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How To Manage A Real Estate Buiness With A Full-Time Job

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // August 22, 2017 // Blog

Real estate investing is a lucrative business to have if you have idle money. However, not having enough knowledge in the industry may put you in a disadvantageous position when you first get started. When each investment requires putting down a lot of money, making mistakes become costly. To successfully invest in real estate, you […]

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What Makes A Quality Rental Property?

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // August 15, 2017 // Blog

A rental property is a great way to take advantage of a property that you have that has the potential for profit. While taking on the role of the landlord may not suit everyone, it can be a great way to make a decent profit from a great location. However, for those wondering “what makes […]

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New Investors Must Avoid 5 House Flipping Mistakes

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // August 8, 2017 // Blog

Flipping homes have become a great way for those interested in a challenging way of making a profit. While flipping is not without its risks, there are ways of eliminating the risks and ensuring that the property sales. New investors must avoid 5 house flipping mistakes in order to make money on the sale. They […]

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5 Things To Do Before Starting A Lease

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // August 1, 2017 // Blog

For those of us dealing with the issue of getting a property ready to be rented, there are a number of very important things to keep in mind. Making certain to do these things is an important step toward attracting the exact type of consumer we hope to have. An important starting step is to […]

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What To See Around Portland

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // July 25, 2017 // Blog

Portland, Oregon is a great city in a number of ways. What are these ways? First of all, Portland is tops, when it does come to having a lot of cultural happenings going on regularly. There is always events going on here. It is indeed a great place to journey to, if you are someone, […]

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What To Bring On Vacation

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // July 18, 2017 // Blog

Backacking According Destination Most travel experts will tell you that packing light is one of the keys to a successful trip, whether you are backpacking, taking a cruise or flying. It can depend on your destination, how much room you have, whether you are cruising, flying or driving, and of course your personal preferences, if […]

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