Fabio-lous investments

Fabio-lous investments

Unexpected encounters of the Fabio-lcious kind! Recently our office manager Sarah was out in southern Oregon staying the night on her way to California last week when she had an unexpected meeting with the gorgeous and talented actor Fabio Lanzoni. From Acapulco Heat and Roseanne back in 1993 to Sharknado 5 last year, Fabio has been the icon of sexy. But behind his stunning good looks is a savvy real estate investor as well.

Sarah and Fabio instantly connected over their love of real estate and the northwest. After their conversation we were amazed to find out just how much he knew about how to invest in good real estate and has built himself a small cluster of investments in southern Oregon! To go from Dude, wheres my car and Zoolander to an extremely smart and successful land and property owner is amazing. Fabio is truly a talented model/actor and highly motivated guy in everything he does, from keeping fit to sharpening his mind. One thing that all successful investors and indeed most people know is buy low cell high and Fabio has mastered this practice with the patience to wait for the right price. He knew that the money from acting wouldn’t last forever unless he found a way to make his money work for him and LOVED the area of southern Oregon. With others also moving to the area and the market starting to grow he invested in the real estate of that area very successfully and managed to get his income working for him, which has freed him up to work on only the jobs he wants to and spend the rest of his time exploring the beautiful sights of the Northwest.

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