Jose and Adinah invite you to the DREI Anniversary

Posted by Jose Arechiga // November 5, 2018 // Featured

Interview with Tyler Combs (7/23/18)

Posted by Jose Arechiga // July 27, 2018 // Featured

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Habitat For Humanity Build

Posted by Jose Arechiga // June 19, 2018 // Featured

Here at Drei we love the community here in Portland and want to give back! One of the ways we like to do that is through volunteering, there is an upcoming opportunity, but we need your help. We are looking for a group of motivated, caring individuals to help us get a large enough group […]

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6/4/18 Interview with Rebecca Smith

Posted by Jose Arechiga // June 4, 2018 // Featured

Fabio-lous investments

Posted by Jose Arechiga // April 10, 2018 // Featured

Unexpected encounters of the Fabio-lcious kind! Recently our office manager Sarah was out in southern Oregon staying the night on her way to California last week when she had an unexpected meeting with the gorgeous and talented actor Fabio Lanzoni. From Acapulco Heat and Roseanne back in 1993 to Sharknado 5 last year, Fabio has […]

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We Buy Houses Portland, OR

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // September 26, 2017 // Blog / Featured / Jeffrey Stump

I’m sure you’ve seen the signs around town; stuck up on telephone poles; in the median of a busy street; stuck in the green space next to an intersection. They say things like “Sell House Fast Ca$h”, “We Buy Houses Portland OR”, or “Sell House NOW”. Obviously, they’re a form of advertisement but for whom? […]

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What To Do Before Buying Your First Home

Posted by Jose Arechiga // September 1, 2017 // Featured

Buying a house in Portland is a daunting task. The real estate market is booming there, and there is more demand than supply. Many people have been searching for months without results. Usually, houses on sale get snatched up quite fast, so if you are reluctant to make your decision, the house you like will […]

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Is Portland doing rent control?

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // March 8, 2017 // Featured

Here in Portland, housing and rent prices are at an all-time high. This is due to several factors that HEAVILY effect the housing market. The top two are jobs and stability of the market. The answer Portland has proposed and passed is a form of curving landlords ability to cycle tenants through their units. This […]

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How to Guide: Buying Your First House!

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // February 8, 2017 // Blog / Featured

What you need to ask to buy your first house Being a first-time home buyer can be daunting, heck even scary. It may be the largest purchase most people make in their life. In this guide, I will help you get the lay of the land for a first time buyer so you know what to […]

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Portland Real Estate Appreciation

Posted by Jeffrey Stump // February 1, 2017 // Blog / Featured

Portland Home Appreciation in 2017 If you are a home owner in Portland or looking to become one, now is a great time! Portland real estate appreciation has been on the up and up, and they look to continue to rise into 2017. Last year Portland had the highest of any metro area appreciation at 11.7%. […]

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