Jeffrey Stump


     Jeffrey Stump is a real estate investor, capital raiser, and speaker. He spends most of his time arranging new-construction apartment real estate deals in the Portland, Oregon, area and educating people about the ways that urban life can contribute to health, wealth, and happiness. He and his business partner, Jose, own and operate a real estate investment company that they use to make urban infill improvements to the built environment. Jeffrey attended The University of Texas at Austin and received a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a master’s degree focusing on structural engineering. Before, during, and after school, he worked in single-family home construction, engineering education, and bridge inspection. Realizing he had the capacity to do much more, in 2015, he and Jose co-founded Dynamic Real Estate Innovations, LLC (DREI), and began finding and executing real estate deals in the Portland area.
     Jeffrey is a graduate of the Train the Trainer program from Success Resources America, and currently provides training designed to excite people and educate them about the core principles of real estate investment. He trains about real estate because he believes that environment is stronger than willpower for better or worse, but especially for better. Jeffrey believes that we can use the tools available in real estate to create built environments that naturally incline the people living in them to adopt behaviors that make them healthier, wealthier, and happier. He therefore seeks out people who are motivated to help him create spaces like that or who are motivated to create those spaces themselves. He works to help people understand how to do this kind of work and be well rewarded for it.