Kara Hoffmann

A seasoned design and construction professional, Kara brings to DREI her expertise as an architectural and interior design with Lickel architecture and Abeln & Associates in Kansas City, and with Zehren & Associates in Vail Colorado.  As Head of Interior Design, Kara managed 20 to 24-plex movie theatres projects, and as Project Manager, planned, designed, produced construction documents, and oversaw construction for projects ranging from small convenient store additions, to a ski-resort remodel, to new business parks and upscale hotels.  Additionally, Kara brings to DREI extensive expertise in permitting and civil design coordination, as well as a thorough understanding of real estate developed as a Commercial Mortgage Analyst, and Residential Loan Mitigation Specialist.

When not liaising with contractors and consultants, Kara enjoys exploring the deep dark crevices of our world, whether crawling through rocky caverns or those of her mind, rigging out her thoughts into a 21-book fiction collection for middle-grade and young adult readers.