Outsourcing For Real Estate

Outsourcing For Real Estate

Outsourcing, according to Wikipedia involves the contracting out of a business process to another party and includes both foreign and domestic contracting, and sometimes includes off-shoring (relocating a business function to another country).

For example, real estate investors often hire Filipino workers for lower that American wage and delegate daily tasks that can be done remotely like data entry, seller calls, social media management and more. Outsourcing does not always involve employing a foreign virtual assistant (VA), it also encompasses employing local people to help put out bandit signs, prepare mailers and more sophisticated investors even have folks to go to appointments and handle their sales department. This is all part of outsourcing.

According to JLL’s new report, The Converging Priorities of CRE Outsourcing, instead of looking for traditional vendors, some of the world’s leading companies are seeking real estate service partners who act more like management consultants than property service providers. These partnerships are more collaborative and innovative, and help drive the entire enterprise to become more profitable and productive. This is the definition of Outsourcing 4.0, the new era of commercial real estate (CRE) outsourcing.

In real estate, there’s an ample opportunity for outsourcing. All sorts of smaller jobs can be lifted from the shoulders of your agents and handled by someone else (usually more adept at the task at hand) for a reasonable fee. This frees up your agents so they have more time to do what they do best – list and sell property.

There are plenty of freelancers, both international and Australian, ready and willing to work for you on countless websites like freelancer.com, elance.com and peopleperhour.com, fiverr.com. to name a few. Visit these sites and check them out; you’ll find plenty of people who are ready to tackle all kinds of tasks for you.

When is the right time to outsource in real estate?

There is no definite period to begin outsourcing in real estate. The best time to start outsourcing is when you have a good plan of what you want to achieve with your marketing campaign and also when you outline your budget how much you can afford to on a weekly or monthly basis so you don’t run out of funds before sending out that mailing campaign.

Reasons why you should start outsourcing in real estate

  • It comes with less risk when hiring
  • It is a great way to grow your business
  • It simplifies your accounts and administration
  • There is usually a higher return on fiscal investment.
  • Growth: Outsourcing can create valuable time for Real Estate Agents, allowing them to focus on their core functions which could lead to growth for the business. Day to day activities of a Real Estate Agent consist of distributing letters and emails and researching the market to know of sales in their area. These tasks can be very time-consuming which eventually leaves little time left to actually sell! However as any successful Real Estate Agent knows, these tasks are vital in generating leads. Outsourcing these activities means leads are being generated for the Agent on a daily basis while they only have to be worried about following them up. The agent’s time can now be focused on speaking to reactive clients who have responded to the communication.

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