Portland Art Museum’s $75 Million Renovation

Portland Art Museum’s $75 Million Renovation

Portland Art Museum To Receive 75 Million In Renovations

In Portland, Oregon, there is a museum that has been there for a number of years. It is composed of a number of buildings indeed, it is a large museum. It is a real showplace for the people of Portland. But there is something happening in Portland among the museum’s admirers and those interested in art in Portland. It is a renovation and a resurgence at the same time. Recent changes and a 75 million dollar renovation have changed the face of the museum and what it holds for the people of Portland. The strange thing about the layout of the museum was that its design seemed to make people miss most of the content in that it was confusing. It is composed of a number of buildings with no set formula or directions as to where each part of the facility is. With the new design, however, there is a central exhibition, the Rothko Pavilion.

Rothko Pavilion

They have agreed upon a partnership with the Rothko family to exhibit the Latvian-born Mark Rothko’s works. Rothko, who passed in 1970, never identified with or became a member of any particular group of artists, although it is almost plain to see that, even to a layman, he would be called an abstract expressionist.

The new design of the Rothko Pavilion will connect the two older points of interest the main museum and an old Masonic Lodge that was acquired in 1992 and which holds a number of exhibits. By enclosing an open-air spot between the two buildings in glass, and giving the Rothko exhibition more space, they will put in a new glassed-in staircase that would make it easier to get from one location to another. This way, museum goers would be able to visit more of the exhibits in less time, and would indeed be able to find the building entrances. With the older design, some of the museum visitors would never see some of the exhibits due to the confusing arrangement of the place. The new construction would make it easier for visitors to get to one building to another and from one floor to another, something the museum lacked before the new design.

Real Estate Impact

They have raised half of their goal for the new museum work, and when completed, it will be a point of interest in Portland. It is very likely that the value of all real estate near the new pavilion will increase in value, and traffic will increase when more people realize that there is a great art pavilion in this city of nearly two and a half million people. Portland’s metropolitan area spans two states, and this will bring more visitors to the region, bolstering the economies of the entire metropolitan area. Along with Portland’s Rose Garden and Zoo, and its Oriental Gardens, this will make a visit to Portland well worth the trip. It should excite people to plan a trip to take in the sites in and around Portland, and to make sure that the Art Museum is on their itinerary.

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