Realtor Portland, OR

Realtor Portland, OR

If you own a home, rent or have been around our housing market you know just how fast it is moving. Houses are on and off the market at the drop of a hat! This may lead you to look for a great Realtor Portland, OR. There are a few things to know when choosing a rRealtor.

Hello everyone, my name is Ben Kilfoil and I work full time at Dynamic Real Estate Innovations, LLC. as the Marketing Manager. The reason I wanted to talk about Realtors is because their job is very similar to my own, we both are primarily marketers. I market our business and houses as well as market for home sellers. Realtors market your house or network to find a home for you.

If you are new to real estate you will need a Realtor’s knowledge and abilities. They can help you work with banks, escrow and closing negotiation all on top of marketing your property or finding a property to buy. Due to this large skillset needed by Realtors there can be a major gap in the skill of one Realtor compared to another. When talking to Realtors for the first time make sure you read through our other article first: It has the 5 things you need to ask a Realtor to get an idea of their skill level.

A good marketer knows that you take every opportunity to get your product shown, before signing a contract understand what your money is getting you. What platforms are they marketing on? What is the average time of sale for them with that marketing campaign? A quick place to find more information is at:

One other very important skill that we have barely talked about is negotiation, most people will say they are great negotiators…sometimes it’s true and sometimes it is not. My favorite way to determine if a person is a good negotiator is to negotiate with them. Give it a shot! Ask them to negotiate on their fee. Make sure to structure your argument for why they should have a lower rate than what they want and have them defend why they should get their stated rate. If they cannot convince you that they deserve it then maybe they don’t. Having a bad negotiator can be more detrimental than paying a higher cost for the property or not getting the best price for your house. If you end up paying an extra $20,00020 thousand more by not having a master negotiator on your side they have already paid their payment and then some and with housing prices can vary much more than $20,000 between sale price and the closing price.

It is alright to ask for a walk-through of the process of buying or selling a house. That is a good way to find out just how much they will help you with the process. Depending on how much or little they are willing to do you may ask for a price adjustment for their services. We have a team of Realtors that we work with here at Dynamic so if you need a high quality Realtor to help with a project of yours  then you can know that we have vetted each of our Realtors in the same way I explained above. They all passed with flying colors and went above and beyond to impress us, in our vetting process or while working with us to buy or sell a property.

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