5 Things You Need to Know About Realtors

5 Things You Need to Know About Realtors

Most of the buyers and sellers remain unsure about hiring the services of a realtor. As a matter of fact, a realtor knows more than you do about technical and legal matters, he has a bigger network of buyers and sellers and he certainly has the experience and expertise needed to escape the pitfalls of the game. Here are a few more points about the realtor.

Different types of realtors!

Not all the realtors are the same. Most of them provide different services and different levels of service to the client. They can help you determine your home’s value, appraise your property, find clients by exposing your property to potential buyers, facilitate a sale, and prepare paperwork. Further, they can advise, guide and assist you in the selling or buying process, perform a comparative analysis, and act as or on behalf of the buyer or the seller. Other than the above mentioned services, they may also help the client through their network of lawyers, architects, builders, and brokers. Most of the sellers hire a broker for a specific task and not for the complete process.

Are they self-employed?

They are like self-employed professionals because they pay their bills from the brokerage they earn by assisting a client. They go through the ups and downs of the business depending on the availability of work. They are supported by their network of other professionals. The work flow depends on several factors including their credibility, experience, and past performance. The word of mouth also plays a vital role in keeping the realtor busy.

Finding the right realtor!

The right professional would have a set of satisfied clients. He would be experienced, and would have a good network of professionals involved in the process of buying, selling and construction. He won’t rush with the deal and won’t try to get it through for any price. In fact, he would try to get the best value for your property. His or her task is to make the process hassle free for you.

Should you hire a realtor?

The answer to this question depends on several factors. Not hiring him can save you the commission you would have paid to him. But do keep in mind that in his absence, you would be required to draft a contract, visit a lawyer, seek permission from local authorities, and visit the client a few times to get through the process. Even the most experienced buyers and sellers generally hire the services of a realtor.

How to sell the house?

You can sell the house in two ways. First, you can put a board of ‘for sale by owner’ on the property. Second, you can rope in a professional to find clients, appraise your property and do many other tasks for you. In many cases, the seller may find a buyer in his friend circle or in his family.

The realtor can make the selling or buying process stress free for you by using his expertise and experience. However, you too should stay alert to get the right value for your property.

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