We Buy Houses Portland, OR

We Buy Houses Portland, OR

I’m sure you’ve seen the signs around town; stuck up on telephone poles; in the median of a busy street; stuck in the green space next to an intersection. They say things like “Sell House Fast Ca$h”, “We Buy Houses Portland OR”, or “Sell House NOW”. Obviously, they’re a form of advertisement but for whom? Who in their right mind would call one of those signs? Why would someone go to a cash investor, who will certainly want a discount instead of listing their house on the MLS? The answer is people who want to sell FAST. Here’s the problem: if you want to get the best price for your property, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Clear out whatever’s in there now and demolish any part of the structure that won’t be staying.
  2. Repair any hazards, deferred maintenance, non-functional features.
  3. Reconstruct any unattractively configured layout/functionality problems (get a realtor to walk the house with you if you aren’t sure what those are).
  4. Repaint and clean the roof.
  5. Hire a contractor you can trust to update your kitchen, bathrooms, appliances, and finishes.
  7. Stage the rooms in the house for their best purposes.
  8. Mow the lawn, trim the trees, weed the gardens, or redo them entirely if necessary.
  9. Hire a professional photographer (trust me, it’s worth it) to make it look amazing.
  10. Get it listed on the MLS, and hold a party when you do so people can come see the house at its best.
  11. Wait at least a couple weeks to get as many offers in as you can.
  12. Screen the offers for generousness, believability, and favorable terms.
  13. Give your buyer a month to clear the transaction with their lender.
  14. Insure the title, clearing any and all liens, I hope you didn’t forget to get lien waivers from all your contractors.
  15. Hand over title and keys and collect your check!


Does that sound like a lot of work? It is. Realtors will help with a lot of it, but even if you just put it on the market as-is and look for one of those handy types who want to fix it themselves you’re likely to have it sit on the market for 20 days or more as you wait for an unusual buyer then wait another 30 as the buyer lets their bank review the property and, believe me, those types don’t like to overpay either. If you want to sell your property fast there is an alternative way, call one of the fast cash signs and if they can’t buy the house in less than 14 days, hang up and call another one.


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